Bufo californicus - Arroyo Toad
Photos of adults by Chris Brown
Bufo californicus - Arroyo Toad

Scientific name: Bufo californicus

Common name: Arroyo Toad

Size: 2-2.95 in (5.0-7.5 cm)

Distinguishing characters: A stocky, blunt-nosed, warty-skinned species; horizontal pupils; greenish, grey or salmon on dorsum with a light-colored stripe across head and eyelids; light sacral and mid-dorsal patches; large, oval, and widely-separated parotoid glands; weak or absent cranial crests.

Juveniles: Ashy-white, olive or salmon on dorsal side; with or without black spotting; red-tipped tubercles on back.

Dimorphism: None, unless in breeding season when males develop nuptial pads on forefeet.

Similar species: Bufo boreas: White or cream dorsal stripe on length of body; dark dorsal blotches containing skin glands; lacks blunt nose. Bufo punctatus: Flattened head with round parotoid glands the size of the eye.

Additional notes: Endangered and protected by federal law, any observations should be reported to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Southern populations fragmented; uncommon within study area, although widespread. Prefers sandy or cobbly washes and associated upland habitats.

Bufo californicus - Arroyo ToadBufo californicus - Arroyo Toad
Photos of larvae by Manna Warburton

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Last update: 05 March 2003