Bufo punctatus - Red-Spotted Toad
Photos by Chris Brown

Scientific name: Bufo punctatusBufo punctatus - Red-Spotted Toad

Common name: Red-Spotted Toad

Size: 1.5-3 in (3.7-7.5 cm)

Distinguishing characters: A small toad species for this area; flattened head and body; light grey, olive or reddish brown dorsum with reddish or orange skin glands; whitish or buff venter with or without faint dark spotting; round parotoid glands; pointed snout.

Juveniles: Similar to adults; more prominent ventral spotting; undersides of feet yellow.

Dimorphism: Male has dusky throat, and develops nuptial pads during breeding season.

Similar species: Bufo boreas: Has prominent mid-dorsal stripe; elongate parotoid glands; rounded snout and body; larger adult size. Bufo californicus: Lacks flattened, triangular head and round parotoid glands.

Additional notes: A species that occurs primarily along rocky streams and riverbeds, often in arid or semi-arid regions. Very localized on the coastal slope, but widespread on the deserts. May hybridize with Bufo boreas in Riverside Co., although this needs confirmation. Docile and easily handled with little or no skin gland secretions.

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Last update: 05 March 2003