Rana pipiens complex - Leopard Frog
Photos by Brad Shaffer
Scientific name:Rana pipiens complexRana pipiens complex - Leopard Frog

Common name: Leopard Frog

Size: 2-4.25 in (5-11.1 cm)

INTRODUCED: Native to majority of the U.S.

Distinguishing characters: A moderate species with well defined dorsolateral folds; white below; brown, grey, olive or green color on dorsum with oval or round dark spots; whitish border above upper jaw.

Juveniles: Less pronounced dorsal spotting.

Dimorphism: Male has enlarged thumbs during breeding season.

Similar species: Hyla regilla: Has toe pads. Rana catesbeiana: Lacks dorsolateral folds; has plain, unicolored dorsum. Rana boylii: Lacks dorsolateral folds; has pale triangle on snout. Rana muscosa: Lacks dorsolateral folds; has yellow underside of legs; smoother skin; dark-tipped toes. Rana aurora: Has less distinct dorsolateral folds; spotted with less uniform pattern; less pointed snout; red or yellow under hind legs.

Additional notes: Known from Santa Ana River (Prado Basin), uncommon or rare elsewhere in study area.

Rana pipiens complex - Leopard Frog

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Last update: 05 March 2003