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Hawaiian petrels at sea in the northeast Pacific: oceanographers, meteorologists or both?

Released: 2012
Morgan, K., J. Adams, Y. Hashimoto, M. Robert and W. J.  Sydeman. Hawaiian petrels at sea in the northeast Pacific: oceanographers, meteorologists or both? Special Session: Biology and Conservation of Hawai’i’s Endemic Seabirds: Hawaiian Petrel and Newell’s Shearwater. Pacific Seabird Group 39th Annual Meeting 7-10 February, 2012, Turtle Bay, HI

Recent remote tracking has shed light on the movements and at-sea distribution of Hawaiian Petrels (Pterodroma sandwichensis). Here we present the locations of 41 sightings of Hawaiian Petrels observed during vessel-based surveys in the northeast Pacific Ocean (defined as north of 40°N and east of 157°W), spanning 1984 through 2010. Within a portion of this region (49°N to 54°N, and 132°W to 148°W), we compiled hydrographic characteristics collected concurrently with the at-sea observations. We also examine meteorological conditions, in advance of and during the at-sea surveys, to explain the presence or absence of Hawaiian Petrels. Although undoubtedly influenced by survey timing, the petrels were observed between from early June to the third week of September. Hawaiian Petrels appeared to respond to both atmospheric and oceanographic cues. This study is significant in providing a basis for modeling changes in distribution of this endangered species in relation to climate change in the northeast Pacific and other anthropogenic impacts.

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Summary of Seabird Studies at WERC

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